PuriFog – The Covid Killer

In March 2020 we launched the PuriFog range of deep sanitisation machines that utilise an adapted security fogging machine to deliver vapourised PuriFog Air and Hypo disinfectants.

Air cleans and kills all virus pathogen in the air whilst Hypo kills all airborne and surface virus and pathogen with one dose.

The machines range from our smallest unit that covers up to 100m3 to our largest machine that covers 12,000m3.

The smaller machines 250, 500 and 1500 models can all be built for rapid deployment on a trolley so that they can be used across multiple sites and moved to wherever they are required.

These machines are extremely popular as they provide an extremely cost effective and rapid means of sanitising small to large areas in minutes rather than hours/days.

The dry fog leaves no residue, unpleasant smells and can be used in most office/leisure building environments.

With over 200 of the rapid deployment machines sold to date we are very proud to be part of the team that is taking the fight to the virus!

Helping our customers through the pandemic!

Since the onset of the pandemic in February 2020 we have seen some very challenging times with lockdowns, furloughing and retail closures.

Throughout this period Link have been fully operational to ensure that our client’s businesses are safe and secure.

We have gone to great lengths to ensure that we can deliver a service unsurpassed by our competitors.

We have striven to be as flexible and accommodating as possible opening sites up as sole operators, picking up and returning keys when required and providing additional monitoring services free of charge wherever possible to more vulnerable sites.

Our customers can rest assured that we at Link will not let them down and that whatever challenges we are faced with we will adapt and overcome them.

14,000 StaffGuard Installations Achieved!

Last week saw our partners and Link hit the 14,000 installation mark for our StaffGuard Conflict Management System.

The system provides piece of mind to staff when dealing with aggressive and anti-social, drunken and drugged customers, shoplifters and gangs.

It provides support to staff who feel unsafe or unwell and works as a real time back up whenever the member of staff feels support is required.

The system works by simply pressing a remote fob or wristband. Once pressed we get video and two way audio communication into the site.

Our fully trained Conflict Management Team then take control of the situation and de-escalate the situation or contact the Police/Ambulance or Fire Service.

The system is installed in some of our best known high street names and is growing daily.

StaffGuard Mobile

At the request of our existing StaffGuard Conflict Management System customers we have developed the StaffGuard Mobile Application that enables our clients to communicate with our fully trained Conflict Management Team whilst on the move.

The app enables users to link their Android, Windows or Apple device to a Bluetooth button or simply press the button on the app to send GPS Co-ordinates and an alert to our Conflict Management Team who will deal with any issue the user has in real time.

If the user feels unsafe, has suffered from an attack or simply feels ill then they press the button and our team will deal with the situation speedily and professionally via two way open communications.

If you want to hear more about StaffGuard Mobile please book a FREE appointment with us today.


As seen on BBC2 – Britain’s Biggest Diamond Heist?

Following on from the Hatton Garden safe deposit burglary which took place in April 2015 Link Integrated were contacted by the BBC to explain how StaffGuard, the company’s Conflict Management System could have prevented the crime taking place.

With our two way audio and video monitoring facility and a link into the existing intruder detection system we would have been able to hear and see the thieves at work and direct the Met Police accordingly.

For more information about our active monitoring system please contact us.


StaffGuard vIP – Launch

StaffGuard vIP is nearly here. Product testing is nearing completion and will shortly be ready for launch.

The product will elevate the current StaffGuard model onto the digital platform and will come with some ground breaking additions.

The unit has full IP/GSM failover, real time line monitoring, front and rear tamper, built in battery and Zigbee wifiinterface.

“We have been so impressed with the two way audio quality and its range and the failover facility is so quick that we know this product will only serve to push StaffGuard to the next level. The addition of a wifi interface means that we can extend the whole systems range into multiple areas of a building with a single fob or wristband acting as the user interface. The number of wifi devices that we can now attach is huge meaning that the unit will become truly multi-functional  ” Jim Leitch, Managing Director.

For more information about StaffGuard vIP please contact Jim Leitch.

StaffGuard Mobile

Utilising the worlds smallest full band 3G personal tracker our StaffGuard Mobile service enables us to monitor your staff as they go about the business throughout the UK and Europe. With 180 hours standby time and the fastest cold start time of any device we tested the StaffGuard Mobile unit and it really is the best personal tracker available today.

The system is really simple, if a member of staff feels unwell or feels vulnerable they simply press the button on the unit and it will send GPS co-ordinates to our Conflict Management Centre and open up a two way audio channel. Thus enabling the CMC operator to take control of any situation and deploy the relevant response team i.e. police, fire or ambulance service.

If you require any additional information about StaffGuard Mobile please book a FREE appointment with us today.