StaffGuard MobileTM

The benefits of the award winning StaffGuardTM in your pocket!

We offer the latest in personal GPS tracking and lone worker protection using the very latest 4G technology.

The newly developed 4G mini GPS tracker

The new StaffGuard Mobile™ unit is a newly developed 4G mini GPS tracker that balances product size, cold start time, accuracy, and battery life.

The unit uses 4 different technologies to accurately locate where you are 24/7/365. It uses GPS, LBS, WiFi and Bluetooth to accurately track your location to within 2.5 metres.

In smart working mode it stores frequent stops intelligently and sets regular tracking intervals enabling the unit to work for up to 104 hours on a single charge and 200 hours in standby mode. Recharging takes a remarkable 1 ½ hours.

The unit is IP67 water resistant and has a number of working modes, the SOS button enables you to signal distress or request assistance from the StaffGuard Mobile™ Conflict Management Centre and via its crystal clear two way audio function relay any further instructions. Using a tri-axis accelerometer its man down alert ensures that you are safe at all times. It features step counting, voice broadcasting, a built in alarm clock facility, vibration and buzzer reminder function and fast magnetic charging.

When the unit is initiated the signal alerts our highly experienced team within the StaffGuard Mobile™ Conflict Management Centre who will deal with any issue immediately.

Tracking Service Features

Enables us to monitor movements in real time via our active mapping system.

Clients have open portal access to view tracking both past GPS and current GPS locations.

Active flags show location at any point in time.

Allows you to review tracking by time and date filtering.

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