The world’s first total IP security solution in a box

The innovative FogGuard™ system from Innovative Security Products Limited incorporates the very latest security technology and offers:

Fully intergrated IP security via wireless intruder detection

Expert conflict management via crystal clear two-way IP audio communication

Real time remote monitoring and management via HD CCTV

The worlds fastest high density security fogging system

How FogGuard™ works on site

FogGuard™ works by reacting to an alarm activation or personal attack alarm which sends a signal to the FogGuard™ controller. This then starts video and audio transmissions simultaneously to our Conflict Management Centre where the video image will pop up in real time.

Then audio comes in and this enables our highly trained Conflict Managers to see and listen to the security incident as it takes place in real time. Whether it’s intruders, armed robbers, vandals or anyone committing anti-social behaviour or threatening staff, our Conflict team will de-escalate the incident or contact the police, fire or ambulance services.

In many cases, this will be achieved simply by our Conflict Managers using the two-way audio to announce, ‘Security, which service do you require?’

In the unlikely event that fog does need to be used, our team will inform the intruders or staff that we are deploying fog and then remotely activate the machine.

This will drive any criminals from the site and take away their ability to commit further crime. Our Conflict Managers will continue to monitor the situation remotely through the audio system.

The FogGuard™ system is extremely easy to install and needs little training. It is the first system of its kind in the world and offers many unique features:


Fully installed and
integrated options available

Full IP

Built-in wireless alarm
management system

Built-in two-way
crystal-clear IP audio
using VOIP technology

Built-in HD video via
2MP digital camera

The fastest and
highest density
security fogging


Attractive white
GRP cabinet

IP monitored solution
via SNMP
monitoring tool

390mm (H) x 300mm
(W) x 130mm (D)

Vertical and horizontal
mounting options

Advanced wireless detection and remote alarm management

The FogGuard™ controller houses a multi-functional hybrid wired/wireless remote alarm management system. This has GSM and GPRS communication paths for swift off-site alarm management and the ability to generate open/closed reporting.

The main features:

  • GSM communicator
  • 4 wired alarm inputs on board
  • Up to 32 wired or wireless inputs
  • 2 zone part setting
  • 4 programmable outputs
  • 500 event reporting history
  • Up to 8 pass codes
  • Multi-functional alarm key fob
  • On-board SMS or speech dialler
  • GSM anti-jamming
  • Contact ID alarm communication facility
  • Remote management and servicing capability
  • Integration and remote control management

Expert conflict management

The FogGuard™ controller enables real-time two-way IP audio and IP video connectivity direct to our Conflict Management Centre, incorporating crystal clear audio and 4MP HD video.

The main features:

  • Remote wristbands and key fobs to enable rapid response to attack
  • Real-time two-way audio communications
  • Dual path communications via IP and GSM
  • Real time video screening
  • Remote video view and management
  • 4 wired alarm inputs
  • 1 wireless alarm input
  • 4 controllable alarm outputs
  • Bluetooth wireless personal alarms
  • Remote management and control of FogGuard™ security fogging

Rapid security fogging

The FogGuard™ controller houses a fully integrated state-of-the-art security fogging device. This is the fastest fog generation and delivery system available and delivers 200m3 of the densest fog in under 28 seconds.

The main features:

  • High density security fog
  • The fastest fog delivery system in the world
  • Fully programmable shot delivery to ensure fog layering
  • Competitively priced disposable fluid bags
  • Low power consumption
  • Remote management
  • Remote arming and activation
  • Fully certified to CE and current
    EU regulations

Asset Tracking (Optional)

The FogGuard controller has the ability to accept a plug in GPS 3G (WCDMA) Asset Tracker that will enable up to 2 years tracking on a single charge.

The tracker sends heartbeat packets at programmable intervals to enable daily tracking and can be activated remotely to increase the data intervals remotely when activation is required.

  • Heartbeat packet reporting intervals 30 minutes to 24 hours (19 days to 792 days battery life)
  • 3D shake up mode
  • Drop mode
  • Continuous tracking mode
  • Fixed asset anti-theft mode
  • Tracking on demand
  • GPS and LBS positioning
  • IP 66 Resistant
  • Polygonal geo-fence alerting (set within the ARC and mobile applications software)

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