Link Integrated Security Solutions and Keonn Technologies announce new VAR partnership

Link Integrated Security Solutions and Keonn Technologies announce new VAR partnership

12th April 2021

Link Integrated Security Solutions, a leading supplier of retail security and life safety systems and consolidated service and maintenance plans, has signed a Value-Added Reseller agreement with Keonn Technologies, one of the worlds leading RFID Retail Solutions providers.

Jim Leitch, Link Integrated CEO commented “The agreement covers Keonn Technologies range of RFID Retail Solutions including Tag Encoding, Automatic and Robotic Inventory Management and Tracking, Smart Interactive Retail Systems, Point of Sale Management, Loss Prevention and Network Planning and Security. “

This new partnership with Keonn Technologies represents an excellent opportunity for Link Integrated to expand upon its already enviable product range and will enable much greater integration within the retail industry.

The range of the solutions that we now have at our disposal will enable us to continue to lead the market in the provision of innovative smart solutions that bridge the whole customer experience.”

Leitch continued; “Smart solutions like Keonn’s will change the customer experience, drive greater sales and profits, and minimise stock shrinkage via better inventory management, tracking and loss prevention tools. The return on investment is tangible, deliverable and ongoing.”

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