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Some of the sectors we cover




Health, Beauty and

Shoes and Leather Goods

Consumer Electronics


Supermarkets and

Gardening and Pets

Electronic Article Surveillance

Stores are traditionally a favourite playground for shoplifters. The specific nature of these stores, where customers want to feel and try articles in the most comfortable way possible, means that the retailer sometimes does not dare to think about security.

Yet there are solutions to secure the most diverse items in a subtle but efficient way. The huge loss that can be reduced makes these protections one of the fastest-earned investments.

Retail Analytics

Cross Point Analytics is the tool for retailers who want to obtain insight in the performance of their stores. Through an easy-to-use web-based service and iOS apps, comprehensive store analysis and store monitoring can be achieved in a clear and convenient way.

Centralisation of Point Of Sale and visitor counter information enables proper store performance analysis.

Cross Point Analytics collects the centralised information and presents this in a clear and easy to use interface.

A Green World

The power consumption of our systems is considerably lower than that of competitors – up to 90%.

How is that possible? After closing hours of the store, our systems switch to standby mode. Halving power consumption, doubling the lifespan. And our systems are connected in the cloud. We can solve 89% of the service requests remotely without visiting the store. A big gain in time and money!


% less

energy consumption

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