BT Announcement – Switching Off Copper Locations

BT Openreach have today announced dates for 2021 which will see circa. 200 exchanges move into ‘Stop Sell’ status.

This means that the exchange will no longer sell copper/analogue lines from those exchanges and that any additional lines, upgrades, moves or switching of communication providers will result in only fibre/digital lines being made available.

It is generally understood that once the ‘Stop Sell’ status has been achieved by BT, which means that 75% of the exchange is digital, then we have 6 months to migrate any analogue products to IP.

Our advice is that if you have Analogue Alarm Signalling, StaffGuard Conflict Management Systems or Staff Attack Systems then you need to consider a migration path now.

If you require a copy of the latest BT Guidance please provide your contact details on closure of this notice and we will send the relevant information to you.

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