Body-worn camera technology

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Deterring aggression, providing protection and improving the confidence and well-being of your staff members.

Along with our Digital Evidence Management Software, we provide a fully integrated approach to portable security video.

These days, there’s a growing need to protect your frontline staff from abusive and aggressive customers. That’s why we’ve developed our innovative body-worn camera technology. With forward-facing screens, our range of cameras offers a proven and reliable way to deter aggression, and improve the confidence, assurance and peace of mind of your team members.

Most important of all, the quality of our body-worn devices and the evidence they capture is second to none. Along with our Digital Evidence Management Software, it means that we can provide a fully integrated approach to portable security video applications.

Perhaps that’s why our partners have deployed more than 1.5 million of the body-worn cameras from our innovative product range.

Introducing our integrated body-worn camera system.

Our security solution has four core parts including evidence capture, transport, storage and evidence management. Our range of wearable camera technology includes:

StaffCam™ body-worn camera

Link Integrated offers the most advanced body cameras in the industry offering superior video quality, extended battery life and extraordinary functionality – and they’re incredibly easy to use. StaffCam™ is our most advanced model with a range of innovative features:

Front-facing screen

The two inch-high resolution front-facing screen has a proven calming effect on people being recorded. Once they see on the screen that they are being recorded, they are much less likely to be violent and abusive towards staff.

Fully articulated camera head

The fully articulated camera head and advanced 120° lens design offers outstanding flexibility for the wearer. It can be worn many different ways to ensure that the best possible viewing angle is achieved, and the user enjoys maximum comfort.

ON/OFF slide switch

Our body-worn camera is the easiest to operate on the market. To set the unit to record, simply slide the switch down, and the camera turns on and starts recording.

PTT (Push-to-Talk) integration

The camera will integrate fully with many leading radio manufacturers. This enables your staff to keep in touch with the rest of their team, thus ensuring that their security and safety are maximised.

Advanced image sensor

The camera utilises the very latest digital chipset with 1080P resolution. This allows your staff members to capture the very best video images for possible use as evidence later.

Electronic image stabilisation

StaffCam™ harnesses cutting edge electronic image stabilisation technology. This makes sure that all images are stable even in the most extreme recording circumstances.


Using H.265 video compression, the StaffCam™ is highly efficient in compressing and storing your encrypted video data.

GPS tracking

The built-in GPS tracker enables us to monitor the location and safety of your staff members while they’re on the move.

Mounting options

We have several camera mounting options including shoulder, chest, harness, helmet, magnetic and windscreen mounts.

We also offer wearable units that offer 4G live transmission, 2K resolution and advanced AI features. For more information contact Link Integrated.

StaffCam™ docking station

Our range of docking stations has been designed to offer your staff members a simple and efficient way to charge and back-up video evidence from the camera. It is securely transferred through the docking station and then deleted from the camera automatically.

Not only is this an easy way to download, rewind and playback, it charges and maintains the security of the wearable camera. In addition, once the data is stored via encryption and password protection, it’s ready to use again when charged.

Our StaffCam™ Docking Station offers two product options:

Both models are simple to use and extremely reliable.


Allows 8 cameras to be docked/downloaded simultaneously and includes a 9” touchscreen for search and playback, 1TB storage and ≥12MB/S download speed, plus password protection.


Allows 12 cameras to be docked/downloaded simultaneously and includes a 21.5” touchscreen for search and playback, 8TB storage and ≥12MB/S download speed, plus password protection.

Images show D8 docking station


Sometimes it’s necessary to supplement your existing building-mounted cameras to provide discreet protection for your staff and collect remote video evidence for loss prevention purposes. This is why we have introduced our BadgeCam™

This lightweight camera has been cleverly designed to look just like a name badge. It weighs just 50 grams and can be pinned or magnetically fixed to a jacket, blouse or shirt.

It is fully customisable and can be overprinted with the staff member’s name or your company branding. It provides a simple yet secure method of capturing video evidence without putting the staff member under any stress, pressure or risk.

The BadgeCam™ has a continuous record time of 9 hours and can also stream live video via wi-fi. This enables your control room staff or loss prevention team to monitor your site live.

Digital Evidence Management System

This comprehensive system provides an intuitive, web-based interface to help you manage digital video evidence efficiently and effectively. That’s because the secure chain of video evidence data is totally assured throughout the process.

Our Digital Evidence Management System has three core functions:

Core functions:


Centralised management to improve efficiency

To ensure that maximum benefit is gained from your stored video evidence, our centralised management system ensures that you have quick and easy access to search, view and copy it.



Each snapshot, clip or video can be packaged for evidential and case management purposes with a full case description, category of event and associated case information. This will give you quick database access and provide relevant information to anyone authorised to access and use the data.


AI real-time monitoring to improve efficiency

Your staff using the body-worn camera can be seen on the site map. This means that SOS alarms can be monitored and live video streaming can pop up instantly if a threat event is triggered.

Our Digital Evidence Management System is one of the best products around if you want to manage your staff members who are using the equipment and the video evidence it supplies.

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