The UK’s first integrated security system
that protects freight vehicles against any curtain side attack

With freight vehicle security becoming even more important these days, security specialists – Link Integrated Security Solutions have created an innovative new system for trucks in transit.

Developed in the UK, TruckGuard™ uses bi-directional infra-red detectors to spot anyone approaching the side of the freight vehicle. The system also provides extra security protection with rear cargo door magnetic contacts and internal space detection within the cargo trailer.

How TruckGuard™ works on site

24/7 remote operation

The system is set by simply pressing a remote keyfob button which sends a signal via GSM to our 24/7 alarm receiving centre, or to your own operations centre. You can then schedule and monitor when vehicles are set or unset, and proactively manage the security of your fleet remotely around the clock.

The system works rapidly once activated. A signal is sent straight away to our or your alarm receiving centre. From there, a message goes to our cloud-based app server and on to your driver to alert him or her that the vehicle has been compromised.

The alert message can also be received via SMS or voice messaging. This is especially important if your driver is away from the vehicle taking a break or asleep. Additional detection, sounders and personal attack alarms can be linked into the system if you wish, to provide a greater deterrent and protection to your driver and load.

The TruckGuard™ system uses ultra-low power consumption wireless detection technology, needs no cables and when parked can be set up in seconds.

The control panel runs off its own batteries or the truck’s power system. It can also be recharged using the truck’s power system while the truck is moving.

TruckGuardTM main features:

SmartLink5 wireless controller complete with:

2 way remote
control with 3 button
status identification

Remote management
and diagnostic via the
e-link GSM/GPRS link

Cloud connectivity
via iOS and Android

Anti-jamming function which neutralises any radio noise devices that are trying to jam the GSM signal
TruckGuardTM optional features:

Photo capture. During an alarm, Link Cloud will send 10 frames of video through to our or your alarm receiving centre

103 dB polycarbonate sounder with LED strobe light

TruckGuardTM Sensors:

  • 2.5 to 5 year battery life
  • Bi-directional independent detection zones on the left and right
  • Configurable detection range up to 24 metres
  • Digital anti-masking detection
  • 0.3 to 2 m/s detection speed (1’ to 6’7”/s)
  • Two sensitivity settings: normal: 2°C at 0.6 m/s and extreme high: 1°C at 0.6m/s
  • Environmental Protection IP55
  • Warm-up period 60 seconds or less. LED will display SET
  • Tamper outputs: open with face cover and removed from alarm circuit
  • Operating temperature: -30°C to +60°C
  • Relative humidity: 95% max
  • Automatic back tamper

Internal magnetic mount trailer space detector

  • Up to 5-year battery life with a single
    CR123A battery
  • 12×12 metre battery-powered passive
    infra-red detector
  • Digital micro-processor – core platform uses
    DSP logic
  • Digital anti-masking detection
  • Intelligent frequency analysis for optimum reliability
  • Intelligent temperature adjustment increases the detector’s sensitivity in high temperatures

External trailer door magnetic contacts

  • Up to 3-year battery life
  • Back and cover tamper

Link cloud for IOS and android

Link Cloud is an application designed to make the system quicker and easier to use on Android and iOS smartphones and tablets. It enables remote control management and simple sending and receiving of automatic SMS commands. It gives the driver an easy-to-use graphic screen to manage and monitor the TruckGuard™ alarm remotely.

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