Our market leading, technologically advanced player protection system for leisure and entertainment facilities

The innovative VeriGuard™ Player Verification System from Link Integrated Security Solutions offers both player and consumer protection to licenced betting offices, arcades, casinos and bingo halls. It also provides additional reassurance and better welfare to the operators and staff of all of these leisure venues.


Betting Offices

Gaming Centres



Pubs &

Verification Safeguards

VeriGuard™ uses the very latest facial recognition technology backed by artificial intelligence and deep mind thinking to analyse faces in minute detail. This gives the leisure outlet operator instant access to a range of verification safeguards.

The VeriGuard™ verification process is fully supported by a real time video and audio link to our fully accredited Customer Service Centre, operated by our skilled and highly experienced SIA licenced operatives.

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Known Cheats



How VeriGuard™ works on site

A player or consumer approaches the VeriGuard barrier which will be in the blue mode and is highlighted with blue light.

Detection Zone
As the customer enters the barrier detection zone, the camera analyses their facial features and the image is cross referenced in real time against various databases to be age verified.

If the customer passes the verification process the barrier lights go green, the barrier opens and a customised audio welcome message is played.

Verification Failed
Upon verification failure the barrier lights go red and an automated “please wait to be connected to our customer service team” is delivered.

Customer Service Verification
After consideration the customer service team may deem the customer is permitted entrance to the establishment and can remotely operate the security barrier.

Customer Service Verification Failed
The customer is connected in real time taking only seconds via live video and two-way audio to our customer service centre, along with the details of why the verification has failed.

Real Time

The whole process takes place in real time in seconds

VeriGuard™ system benefits at a glance

Immediate real time access control and player verification

Reduction in player and consumer waiting times

Higher level of failed player detection


Detection of
barred customers

Greater level of staff protection and better welfare

Development of
face recognition

Can be fully
integrated with
other applications

VeriGuard™ can be fully integrated with other applications

VeriGuard™ can be configured to meet your exact business needs and further improve your regulatory compliance by working alongsdie a range of third party complimentary applications, including:

IHL Tech’s SmartHUB which provides;

  • SmartEXCLUSION – The UK’s leading, cross sector & fully digital self-exclusion solution, allowing you to add, detect and manage self excluders from the venue.
  • SmartINCIDENT – An in venue incident logging system that fully integrates with VeriGuard and StaffGuard Conflict Management Systems.
  • SmartINTERACTION – An intuitive interaction logging and monitoring solution.
  • Digital Age Verification – Log, store and monitor all Age Verification challenges and alert staff instantly as per the LCCP guidelines.

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