StaffGuard vIP ConsoleTM

Complete control of security, health and safety,
marketing, plus full staff help and support
in your retail environment

130 pre-recorded staff protection messages

Video and audio marketing messaging

Switch and control of all remote devices

HelpBase to support your staff

Fully customisable to your business requirements

The StaffGuard vIP Console from Link Integrated Security Solutions provides you with complete management of your entire retail environment, for the benefit of your customers, staff and your bottom line.

The StaffGuard vIP Console is a fully scalable and customisable touchscreen interface giving you four key areas of in-store control.

Staff Protection Messaging

The unit has 130 pre-recorded messages built into the voice engine memory. These are recordings by professional voiceover artists with both male and female options – so you can choose the most appropriate for your shop or store.

The messages cover a variety of subjects designed to give information, enhance security, deter crime, support health and safety, and enable you to present a more professional image in-store. The messages include:

  • COVID-19 information to keep your visitors and staff safe
  • Behavioural messages to remind customers of your instore rules
  • Security messaging to warn potential shoplifters that you are aware of their presence and that they are under constant surveillance
  • Access control, intruder alarm and fire alarm announcements
  • External security messages
  • Facial recognition announcements
  • Retail tagging announcements

Our research into retail environments has shown that using pre-recorded messaging reduces abusive and aggressive behaviour aimed at staff. This is because you can relay information directly to customers, without your staff having to engage with them.

Marketing Messaging

The StaffGuard vIP Console not only allows you to record and input your own messages and advertisements.

You can also transmit and broadcast these video and audio advertisements throughout your store, which will help to increase sales and profit.

In addition, you can create different audio messages and videos throughout the year, to support your ongoing marketing campaigns.

Remote Control

The easy-to-use touchscreen console allows you to switch and control hundreds of remote devices in your store including:

  • Access control – lock and unlock doors by touching the on-screen icon
  • Intruder detection and fire detection systems
  • Personal attack systems i.e. panic buttons or our StaffGuard Conflict Management System
  • Lighting
  • Air-conditioning

In short, there is literally no limit to what the StaffGuard vIP Console can control.

System HelpBase

The system’s built-in HelpBase contains a range of How To videos that show you how to reset and repair issues with your intruder, fire, CCTV and access control systems.

This will enable your on-site staff to fix and repair minor faults within your systems – reducing the cost and inconvenience of constant service call-outs.

The StaffGuard vIP Console is fully customisable so you can use the unit exactly as you need to meet your unique business requirements. You can record and input your own messages and advertisements, place your own training videos within the HelpBase and control any piece of equipment within your shop or store.

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