StaffGuard vIP – Launch

StaffGuard vIP is nearly here. Product testing is nearing completion and will shortly be ready for launch.

The product will elevate the current StaffGuard model onto the digital platform and will come with some ground breaking additions.

The unit has full IP/GSM failover, real time line monitoring, front and rear tamper, built in battery and Zigbee wifiinterface.

“We have been so impressed with the two way audio quality and its range and the failover facility is so quick that we know this product will only serve to push StaffGuard to the next level. The addition of a wifi interface means that we can extend the whole systems range into multiple areas of a building with a single fob or wristband acting as the user interface. The number of wifi devices that we can now attach is huge meaning that the unit will become truly multi-functional  ” Jim Leitch, Managing Director.

For more information about StaffGuard vIP please contact Jim Leitch.

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