Link Integrated Issue Statement of Intent

Link Integrated Security Solutions Limited – Statement of Intent

Link Integrated Vision

We want to become the best provider of security, life safety, conflict management systems and services in the UK. We will achieve this by continually improving our products and services and by building great relationships with our client base whilst continually outperforming our competitors.

Teamwork, continual measurement and improvement will enable us to move from “very good to excellent. A small step that few have taken and even fewer in our industry aim to achieve.

We are not aiming to be the biggest, we are aiming to be the best.

Link Integrated Mission

Our mission is to provide a consistently high level of advice and expertise to our client base and to ensure that our clients are at the forefront of security, safety, and conflict management.

We will always be open and honest with our clients and will never take their business for granted.

We will strive to ensure that our promises are always kept and that our projects and services are delivered on time, every time.

We will be transparent, open, and always available to respond to our clients.

Link Integrated Values

  • Trust

It is most important to us that our clients trust us, trust our advice and trust that we will complete whatever task we are given to the best of our ability. To gain this trust we need to build confidence and that comes from always being honest and open and empowering them with the true position. We deliver good news and bad news with the same amount of openness and transparency.

  • Hard Work

The core spirit of the company is to work hard as individuals and as a team. This hard work will always be recognised and rewarded both internally and by our customers. It is this hard work that will drive us to become the best in our industry.

  • Reliable

If we say we are going to do something, then we will do it. Never over promise and under deliver, never make a commitment that we cannot fulfil. Reliability is one of the fundamental principles of our business and a core principle of our efforts.

  • Partnership

Our ambition and goal are to work in partnership with our clients. Once we have proven trust, hard work and reliability then we will have taken great strides to bridging the client/supplier gap and will be able to work hand in hand as partners. This benefit’s both parties as advice and information are better given from the inside rather the outside and an in depth understanding of the client’s business issues enables us to give better advice and resolution giving a better result for the client.

  • Communication

Ensuring that our clients and fellow team members are kept informed is extremely important to us. We have invested time and resources in technology to ensure that the best possible tools are available to us, but communication is an individual matter, and it is important that each of us strive to become the best communicator that we can be and to understand the importance of letting each other know what is happening. We will always make ourselves available whether that is for a meeting, call or a quick chat.

  • Innovation

Via our product development and greater understanding of the wider marketplace we will provide an innovative approach to each task. By working in partnership with our clients and understanding their business from the inside and the problems they face we can resolve them with custom designed solutions that give them the edge.


We have a small step to take from very good to excellent, and few have made it. By teamwork and the belief that we can achieve this we will do so.

By believing and adopting the core principles outlined above we will achieve the goals that we have set ourselves and become the number one go to for our clients and prospects.


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